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    English-Latin Translations, Part II

    I realize its confusing, its suppose to be that way. And I mean to imply Asian
  2. Sextus Roscius

    English-Latin Translations, Part II

    I'll start things off with the first question then, Translate this please: So comes the unexpected, the oriental greek.
  3. Sextus Roscius

    Dacia Not 'backwards'

    Yes yes, they had good architecture and gold working, but look who went out to put it to work to the people, the Romans of course. I think when it comes to a civilizations advanced or backwards classification, we should judge by the sophistication of the average person, the whether the average person is literate (Roman literacy rates were incredible for the time, Dacia, not so much) and the addvanced technology that effects the average persons life (such as roman aquaducts and things like that). So by those terms, I think it is fair to declared Dacia inferior to the Romans. Though then again, I'm incredably bias towards the "barbarian" cultures.
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    Miserus Sextus, so seemingly lonesome. I've grown more and more apart from some people that I used to have daily conversations with. The girl that I dispise and hate but was still friends with, I now rarely talk to. Another person who I used to have conversations with is a Half-gothic Wiccan, who now hates me. My old friends seem to remain though, which is lovely for me. Aparently I'm the type of person that people love to follow around, which is to my advantage. Otherwise though, I'm relatively alone. I have no one in the world that I can share my thoughts with, some one that will listen without rebuttal, but some one I can also have a debate with. Thats what I think I'm longing for the most right now. I also have that little nagging feeling that the person my mind seems so latched onto right now might be the answer to that, but logice tells me other wise, that I'm trying to destroy a cloud with a plane, barking up the wrong tree. Fortunetly, I know how to deal with things like this and so It causes me little if any trouble emotionaly or socialy, but its a nag at the back of my head that I can't get through with. What bugs me even more is I can't get this beyond me, I feel like, and know, that I should be above such silly hormonal things, I suppose I can't deny my body some degree of normality. Just leaving me with the feeling, have I gone too farther than some one my age can go? Miserus Sextus, est disscredit eum Imperium
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    True true true, You are listening... Though I'd care not to start an Online relation ship. Though it is nice
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    Where is all this?
  7. Sextus Roscius

    Celtic siege abilities

    I must confess to my lack of knowledge on the subject at hand, though general knowledge of the time tells me that in terms of seige warfare and its sophistication, the celtics were just about as "primitive" or "advanced" as any other culture in the world (the eurasian world anyways) The only thing majorly different with tactics is A. a lack of extensive stone fortifications of the "barbarian" tribes and entities which consequently lead to trouble sieging citys that used such fortifications, and also a lack of knowledge on how to defend these, considering they didn't have the experiance to develop things such as boiling oil and also the advanced metal plated seige towers of the mediteranian (or in motzart's words, the Merdeteranian) B. A different Fighting style and warrior armorment.
  8. Sextus Roscius

    What Religion Are You?

    Me Personaly, i'm an Atheist. Hardcore now, I beleive that the only purpose in religion is (like PP said) to explain the unexplainable, however I have faith that everything can be explained by scientific thought, and to follow practices of religion in the meanwhile would simply be a hindrance to furthur advances of science and finding the true answer. Religion in terms of morals and ethics is positive, but I beleive (and practice) firm morals and ethics without beleif in my duty to a higher power, other than rightousness. Though in a sense, atheist is a religion, a religion is simply a belief about how things work, and one can find that atheism in terms of what one who practices it does and how one practices it will vary just as much as a religion. The only thing lacking in atheism is organized groups who come together to speak about the meaning of atheism, which is profoundly useless in my opinion. Therefore in my mind atheism is a religion, a religion without a deity.
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    Ancient Greek Fonts?

    I'm looking for a site that can give me Anceint Greek fonts for free. I've scoured the web for a while to little avail, so I'd appreciate if anyone has a place for me. Thanks,
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    Random Questions On Rome

    an Oligarchy, simply, is rule by the wealthy
  11. Sextus Roscius

    My Birthday And Stuff...

    No problem Flavius, we're from the same generation, I know to an extent what you're talking about. Just I'm stuck with the traditional School hierarchy, in that aspect you're lucky
  12. Sextus Roscius

    My Birthday And Stuff...

    Ah, Happy Birthday Flavius my Friend. I wish you luck with getting what ever it is that you want for your birthday, and I'm sure you'll get a girlfriend at some point or another (though i still fail to get one). Also, I'll drill you on latin as much as I can (not too much but non the less) and with you on the team, your team will be first for sure, since besides sergio, you're the best I know on UNRV. Also, perhaps we can work something up for you on UNRV...
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    Roman Reenactor In Arizona?

    What are you filming a movie for?
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    Can't Help But Share

    A clip from "The Producers" by Mel Brooks the song is entitled Spring Time for Hitler Germany was having trouble, what a sad, sad story Needed a new leader to restore its former glory Where, Oh where was he? Where could that man be? We looked around and then we found The man for you and me. And now it's.. Springtime for Hitler and Germany Deutschland is happy and gay We're marching to a faster pace Look out, here comes the master race Springtime for Hitler and Germany Winter for Poland and France Springtime for Hitler and Germany Come on, Germans, go into your dance I was born in Dusseldorf, and that is why they call me Rolf Don't be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party Springtime for Hitler and Germany Goosestep's the new step today bombs falling from the skies again Deutschland is on the rise again Springtime for Hitler and Germany Uboats are sailing once more Springtime for Hitler and Germany Means that soon we'll be going We've got to be going You know we'll be going to WAR! And here is the actual Music Spring Time for Hitler
  15. Sextus Roscius

    What Would You Bring Back?

    This is what you'd take back, so I'd take a gun, lets give them a blast from the future eh. it would be a last defense item, probley only a single shot mini-pistol or something like that. As soon as I has used up all the ammo, I'd have it smelted down.
  16. Sextus Roscius

    What Would You Bring Back?

    Pardon my spelling, I meant Marrying, and I used the word Puella becuse I'm only in middle school, I'm still not quite to the point where if I think of people of my age as women. But if it suits you, I shal change it to Femina
  17. Sextus Roscius

    What Would You Bring Back?

    Me personaly, I'd bring back a ton of roman coinage (all in sestereces and denarii of course) A latin dictionary A copy of Tacitus (and any other history book I could find) A sword A gun with ammo A large dark cloak, as well as a stylish blue tunic with a lovely greek geometric trim (something I saw a while ago and seems particularly attractive to me) A recipe book and what ever other junk I could fit in a backpack (since mine is now fairly stuffed) What I do is go through passing myself off as a prophet with little "fits of prophecy" in certain special times to use only to my advantage. I could do this by using my history book and I could speak it in latin using the handy dictionary and the latin knowledge I have already. I'd eventually set up in Ravenna or a town like that. Once the time came around, I'd go and personaly change history by heading to Isreal and stoping christianity from existing No offense to any christians, but I just think we'd be better off with out the huge relgious conflicts did more harm than he did good. Though that may be controversal. Then I'd head back and set up in Rome. Once Agustus finaly settled in the City, I'd make my way up the social ladder until eventually Agustus would talk to me, and I'd tell him to make Germanicus his heir using a "fit of Prophecy" and then I'd settle into a comfy life in a country villa living my ideal dream life. This is after finding an ancilla or femina that shares my views and buying (if a slave) or marrying her if she is free. From there, life just gets better and better till I die. Oh yes, I want the recipe book to cook something relitively ediable.
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    Yup...that happens with all subways. Only driven through Chicago before, so I really wouldn't know.
  19. Sextus Roscius

    Ancient Greek Fonts?

    That would be lovely I'm sure, anything will do. Thank you Pantaguthus.
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    Fecal Matter Is On It's Way To The Fan...

    Now what I wanna know is this simply question: Why the hell is it the JEWS that always get killed... They were stuck in the middle of the crusades, Hitler and the Nazi party hated um, palestine hates um... Whats so bad about the Jews? If anything, go after the punks and criminals, not to mention people who die their hair green (sorry, that just angers me immensly)
  21. Sextus Roscius

    Mediobogdum site

  22. Sextus Roscius

    Nero's Golden House And Its Ideology

    I do like the Ideas, personally, I find that the Domus Auerius was a representation of Nero's personality, he was not a politician or Emperor, but a star. That is what he saw himself as, a celebrity. I think we can relate the ideas presented in his Golden House and other places, to a modern day movie star or rich musician. On one hand, they all want two things, to be the best, and in this be the crowds favorite, to do something great for the world and more importantly, the people on it. They (often now a days in a weird sickening fashion) that doing that is contributing to the world, bringing about a new era (more so for them than anyone else) of happiness (for them mostly) and peace. This makes sense with the Ideas presented in the West Wing of the Golden House, that Nero should be the person bringing about this new era, not as an Emperor like Agustus, but as a star. However, there is a flip side. He (like all stars) wants to enjoy themselves in what ever way they happen to find amusing at the time. This can be related to the East Wing, the themes of Bacchus, with all the wild parties, drinking and sick demented (at least in my view) joy. What more could one want, women and wine, the ultimate goal for any star. To raise them self to that bar where they can do what ever they want, when they want, no matter the consequences. This of course, was a given because Nero was a Emperor, and therefore had these abilities already. So that is what he did. Ultimately, the Golden House is a great representation of Nero and his personality. The conflict of two themes, two separate life styles, and how they can not mix, and he wanted them to. Ironically, he had infinite power over every thing around him, but had no ability to control himself.
  23. Sextus Roscius

    Fecal Matter Is On It's Way To The Fan...

    Well boys, welcome to Isreali-Palestinian hell on earth for a long long time... this is gonna mean more fighting with the Arab-Isreali conflicts, quite honestly, I'm not up for it. It is in times like this when the ability to take over a country and run it as your own, without anyone on the international arena paying much attention, other than disapointment they weren't there to do things first would come in handy...
  24. Sextus Roscius

    Google's Compromise

    Quite honestly, its not the countries choice to not censor topics. I quite honestly beleive that if google decided to censor any gov't related topic, it should well be perfectly legal, not right, but legal. It is there choice what they do, and they wish to not make any international enimies, especialy comunists. If google wants to doom their company to oblivions, be my guest. Though I have to admit, there was NO good way out of this request. Either way they make people mad at them...
  25. Sextus Roscius

    The Quest For The Sword...

    Well, this time comes around every year now. You see, a couple of years ago, I made $300 watching dogs while people were away. Due to some very careful and disciplined spending, as well as only using the money people give me to by things now, I've only lost a portion of the original 300 dollar sum, which is now brough down to 250 dollars aproximatly. Of course, every now and then (about every 6 to 12 months) I get a great desire to spend my money on something novelty. Unfortuntly, money does burn holes through peoples pockets, and I'm no different. So, I'm trying to add on to my collection of things Roman, including building a small library of Roman Literature, collecting some coins, and now I've set my sights on the infamous gladius, though my room is dressed in mideivil decor (burgandy walls, several tapestries mounted in different areas, a sheild hanging on the wall, nice bow in one corner) I have a desire to add another touch to it by getting a sword. Of course, the trouble is convincing my mom to let me get it. I think I might be able to win out on "you bought my sisters all this stuff, for free, I'm offering to pay for this" but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't. I lie in hope.