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    Sacred Temple of the Nymphs

    thank you, I'll get on it right away, and tell my parents where to go, or visit it as an adult. Oh the wonders. You are without a doubt one of the luckiest people on earth right now Pertinax
  2. Sextus Roscius


    I see what your getting at, but I beleive what you portray SPQR to mean, is entirely different from what the Romans thought it meant, and when it comes to studing other cultures, it's far more important to think about things the way they thought about it, than take things as their literal definition. Hope that made sense...
  3. Sextus Roscius

    Hadrian's Wall (toward Vircovicium)

    This is exactly the same place as the shot I use as my back ground was taken, i mean, EXACTLY THE SAME, its uncanny... scary even... this is freaking me out.
  4. Sextus Roscius


    I agree with Flavius on this one, it really has the same meaning. Things stayed the same even though the marian reforms occured. Just like the "Royal Marines" and such in Britian don't actualy serve the queen, though they used to. The name stays on, just not the meaning.
  5. Sextus Roscius

    Sacred Temple of the Nymphs

    Lovely! what is this beautiful place on earth, I must find it!
  6. Sextus Roscius

    Roman Mathematics

    Think about it this way, to write one-hundred in arabic we put: 100-three digits. Wheras the Roman Numeral system allows the to write: C-one digit It makes sense if you think about it that way.
  7. Sextus Roscius

    Editing Posts

    I support it.
  8. Sextus Roscius

    What To Bring With You?

    lets see, um... 6-shot revolver (w/ only a standard amunition box of rounds) Military Grade Survival kit (from my uncles farm...) Latin dictionary
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    Insectophobia (at least I call it that) Basicaly scared of anything with 0, 1,3,5 or more legs...
  10. Sextus Roscius

    Favourite Latin Quotes!

    Me semper rogo, quid faceret Iulius Caeser?
  11. Sextus Roscius

    Can't Find A Reason...

    I've scoured my mind for reasoning, none to be found. Looked to different philosophies, nothing to help me. Finaly I resorted to seeing what they actually say in health class, not too much help either. I can't figure it out with that girl, so enigmatic and attracting, but gosh darn it my feelings are just stupid childish things, no reasoning to it at all. I've come to the conclusion that its hormones acting up in my teenage years, curse them for befuddling my thinking. Pretty sure I suppose I'm going to break my regamen and have to indulge myself in more serious relations with the opisite sex, though no one seems for me. Such are the menial problems of a teenager. We are so silly, making big deals over small matters like this... ah... alas.... my problems are silly, and I shouldn't be so worried about this. Its just got me thinking, our my philosophies of life and the doctrine by which I live so strict, and that I deny myself so many things that other chlidren my age indulge in freely, that I'm the one at fault. Perhaps, but for now I'm still thinking...
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    A role model of mine
  13. Sextus Roscius

    Con Flab It!

    Yes yes yes, I need to vent. I'm completely upset today for no particular reason about the Terrorists! Stupid stupid stupid terrorists. I agree that western culture (american in particular) is far too sexual, and that something needs to change that, but I doubt they or we are going to get any where by being gun-slinging nut jobs on a stick.... Though my least favorite part, is knowing that its OUR country's fault for letting Iran become a nuclear power... Please, in responses, don't give me any "why can the rest of the world not have nukes if america can. shouldn't we get rid of all our nukes before we go about getting rid of other country's nukes?" thats the junk that my social studies teacher hands out on a daily basis.
  14. Sextus Roscius

    In Current News

    the gov't really needs to focous on bigger issues than child *or*, I'm sorry, but Its not that big a problem to me. I'd much rather have teenagers looking at models on a screen that making themselves look stupid in real life.... though I still don't support it....don't get me wrong, I just think the gov't should move on to bigger things. Personaly I think this is mostly a little fiasco they're pulling to draw attention from the NSA ordeal.
  15. Sextus Roscius

    Political Ramblings

    You see, the only thing stoping us from doing anythign efficiant in the Middle East is those (excuse my language) *** **** terrorists who don't know when to f***ing stop! What the hell! These people have officialy suceeded in becoming THE MOST ANNOYING people on Earth, and the worst part is, we can't do a stinking thing about it becuase they'll bomb the capital with some idiot with bombs straped to their back! Personaly, I say we take some decisive military action. Its all our fault in the first place though for allowing countries like Iran and N. Korea to build up these nuclear arsenals. I apologize for the intinsity of what I just said, I needed to vent.
  16. Sextus Roscius


    One word: Better and better
  17. Sextus Roscius

    Unrv Shares About To Go Through The Roof

    good, becuase I made a file before asking...
  18. Sextus Roscius

    Roman Army Under Fed?

    Army field rations in modern day aren't alot, trust me, I tried living off them for a week, not very good either, but they are specialy made to keep you fit and running. I think the romans did this as well. Roman Army rations were not made to be tasty or to be served in huge quanities, just to keep soldiers running in tip-top condition.
  19. Sextus Roscius

    Internet Sucks

    UNRV, Nationstates, nothing much else that might be of intrest to you, unless you have an intrest in realistic WWII games and other neat stuff.
  20. Sextus Roscius

    Suprising Discovery By The U.s. Geological Survey

    Oh my god! I knew there was something out there! I knew it... I say we colonize the place, make it part of America, also, we need to ask those mexicans why they never told us about this exotic land!
  21. Sextus Roscius

    Can't Find A Reason...

    Thats one that supports my view...l
  22. Sextus Roscius

    Bomb Threats, Early Dismissals, And Searches...

    Please note that I meant the shack of guns out on the farm as a joke. Also, I apologize for you being offended by my statements, I've just always had a very negative view towards "goth" and things like that. Only more so the extreme ones though, if you've dyed your hair green, you've gone to far. But I don't mind if you just have friends that wear black and what not. Sorry, I obviously wasn't thinking clearly when I wrote my post, in the mists of something or other...
  23. Sextus Roscius


    Its impossible to thank The admin and our mods, as well as the comunity here at UNRV enough for the times they've given me. It was such a releif to come on the forum the first time, and to always have a group of people who I can voice my opinoins to and have intelectual discussions as well as having a good time. I echo all thats been said as well, you really couldn't have done a better job, any of you.
  24. Sextus Roscius

    English to Latin Translation

    Uh oh, then you'll kick my butt in two areas, of the irony. Have fun with greek anyways.