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  1. The thing about Greek technology is how they figured things out. They applied the knowledge and made things 2,000 years ahead of their time. The more I think about it the more I realize this is not as hard as people think it is. How they made Greek fire, amazing balastics, discovered every property of science, and maybe even made a computer.


    If back then Nobel handed out an award to the science department it would go to ancient Greece, no doubt.


    exactaly sir.

  2. Severus's home town was the city of Leptis Magna along the coast of what is now libya. Severus however was in all likelyhood not black (unless his family had furthur back eithiopian roots or something like that) he certainly would've been semetic.

  3. You might learn something new, but you might not. Much as you hope for some earth shattering new knowledge from it Sextus, you're unlikely to get it.


    But Germanicus, why take the chance.... theres so much that might be a possibility. Are we going to say "well it will probely be nothing" What type of attitude is that. Honestly, we never would invented anything or discovered anything with that attitude.

  4. If I have sympathy for the whining of any precious socio-identity group, it would be the Native Americans. Of course, I am biased, as some of my own ancestors were among them. And while organized religion is not without its many faults and vices (and crimes), I think completely dismissing the sensitivities arising there from is a bit bigoted.


    Really, "scientific progress" has become about as amorphous a battle cry as "the will of God." It means different things to different people and can be used by sophists to justify a lot of rotten things.


    I think if it were my pile of bones, after I had been duly poked and prodded by the eggheads, I'd like to be given a decent burial. I would offer no less to the poor prehistoric slob they have interred in whatever cooler.


    Honestly Ursus, this is being ridiculous, surely you can agree that by studying the kennewick man we can learn very much about earth's history. He could be a european, who knows. We could learn something from him that could completely remap history as we know it. Who knows!


    Though maybe after we've done everything possible (testing all the possiblilities) we'll have him buried, but honestly...


    Also, I'm very muched biased too I suppose, I'm an atheist and have little sympathy for people's rituals who to me are pointless....

  5. Rebury it! For heavens sake no! The kennewick man is a very important peice of science. We can't bury it. Imagine all the knowledge we might learn from it. These stupid religious groups are only holding up scientific progress, and the Indians are just annoying losers who can't accept that "they got beat". Honestly, this is just annoying.

  6. You know, honestly, if this idea of "imperialism is going to countinue, c?n we call our training camps set up for the training of vietnamies troops in Nam' before the war imperialistic. After all they are military bases techniquely. Likewise, can we call out bases in countries like East Germany after WWII to help fend off the commies imperialism? Simply not so.


    Anyways, I agree with the point Ursus made, Islam needs to grow the hell up, honestly. Christians and Jesus are made fun of at least by 100s of news papers every week. Likewise, so are Hinduism, Atheism, Judiasm, and pagans. Non of these religions get thrown into a fuss about it. Honestly, If that isn't proof that its the RELIGION thats the matter, than I don't know what is.

  7. The seige tower was a decidedly Roman thing for a long, long time. Though I think another one of their greatest military engineering feats was their ballistics technology. They used the ballista to greater effect than just about any civilization known to man. The balista is an especialy good weapon becuase it can be used against both infantry and defenses efficiently, and modifications of it allowed on to chuck rocks instead of bolts, for more economic use of the weapon.


    That gave them a great edge.


    Also, The Roman's had specific engineering groups of people trained in building seige equipment and building defenses. Plus the average soldier knew how to make earth works and the general lay out of forts, as well as how to operate certain seige equipment.

  8. In connotation, we seem imperialistic. But literally, we're 'not!' Imperialistic is when we actually call Iraq an American state/territory/colony/whatever. Get it straight, we're not imperialistic.


    Thank you flavius, thats what I've been trying to point out to everyone for a long time now. Oh yes, by the way ludovicus, your family has funded both sides of the war (so you are contributing to imperialism) and we gained little if any money of the deal. Infact, its cost us alot more to run the war than things would've been normaly. In imperialism, you PROFIT off of the action in a material sense.


    "If it walks like a duck and it talks like a duck, then it may yet be a palatypus"


    or to realte it to something american


    "If it sounds like a quail, and moves like a quail, it may yet be a lawyer"

  9. Age:13


    Student(if that really counts)


    well greg, that really depends, what aspects of the media are we considering. I think that when it comes to actually reporting the news, the T.V. stations are realitively non-biased and give a pretty good out look from their point of view. Different networks (fox, msnbc, etc) all have certain alignments. Fox, for example, is very conservative in its out look. While other networks are more liberal. I think over all that its how one interprets what the news gives them, and what parts of it they react to. Some higly patriotic people might see old glory being burnt on the news and go off and do something insane without learning the reason for that. Like wise, some one who is very scared of people dieing might see the troop causualty count a freak out while a more educated person would consider the numbers and etc.


    So I think its how people react to the news, not the news itself, that creates violence.

  10. Hmmm..... another wierd roman practice.....I'd definately say the uses of the byproduct of being strigiled.


    When one was being strigiled, the oil and sweat and dirt and general muck would be flicked onto the floor creating a disgusting dog doo like substance with tons of sicking bacteria that (this is so typicaly Roman) would be picked up by doctors at the end of the day and mixed into medicines and ointments, sometimes even given to people directly (usualy only in the case of quack doctors)

  11. No. By the way, do foriegners (I may me saying wrong stuff here) Such as those from Communist countries or those brought up by a perverted education system (usually totalarian) get persectued if they were never taught of holcuast ( I dont know if some countries dont teach this)? Or what if somebody was raised in on of the Neo-Nazi enclaves (America has those, like Nazi youth camps) ... would they be persecuted since they were tuaght incorrect information?


    I know at the exposion of the camps, many Germans couldnt beleive it, they were oblivious (i said many, not all) .... did those who still not believe it 9perhaps because of Nationalism) get persectuted?


    Good point, I doubt any of those people were persecuted for crimes on those charges.


    Also if I may point out, one can classify any educational system as "perverted" , not just ones by those in history we consider "bad". In my town, the schools are almost obsessively leftist (we were among the top 3 most democraticly voting counties in the region I beleive) and I've been taught all my life tons of things that were only the positives or negatives. If some one was popularly beleived as bad where I lived. They would foucus hard core on the negatives bringing up the positives in passing statements which were ignored in the big picture. This did not however apply in a vice-versa manner.


    I, by my standards, was brought up in a completely biased educational system and the only reason I'm not the same way as others is becuase I loved history from a young age and there for learned things on my own. I am to this day thought of in a negative way becuase I mention both good and bad about every thing we bring up. I'll give the bads about gandhi and the goods about hitler in a way thats not ignorant of other things they've done.


    So, what I think might happen, is if we progress in this thought of prosecution of denial, perhaps we will eventualy (like what is sort of going on in my school to me) we will shun people for merely suggesting positives to a normaly negative thing. If I were to point out that the Nazi's did indeed profit off slave labour and it worked for them, and that the conflict was of ethics (the Nazi's being unethical to them, not having different ethics) then could I be prosecuted.

  12. With the current number of troops, no, with more, yes. The problem is, we have aproximately (as last I checked) 150,000 troops in Iraq about, which is barely enough to keep a very shaky peace in such a violent country of about 29,000,000 people divided into conflicting ethinic groups. Our gov't needs to put in at least 300,000 troops to soldify things. Its a bad war though, the politicians are conflicting with military intrest. I think if we gave the military an objective with a few rough guide lines (follow the law, etc) and allowed them to use what ever means nessacary as long as they remain in those boundaries then we could take and hold the country much more efficiently....though that is "unethical"