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    The Eternal City

    Hi everyone, I thought to post in such a forum to recruit the interests of those partial to roman times who could add positively to the world of The Eternal City. The online MUD game has been around for many years but we have a dwindling number of players, despite most recent increase in events. We need more players to add more depth to the world, preferably those who can immerse themselves into a character in the roman times and convincingly role-play someone in those times. This is not a pitch or scam to sell something. The game is free to play as it is. We merely need more players to role-play with and what better place to recruit them if not from those already interested in a roman theme. I'm hoping people here with their expertise will be able to play believable roman characters to color the world. For those who are confused, a MUD game is a text based game which can be played from most any computers with minimal requirements since there are no graphics. The Eternal City is a role-playing enforced text based game which means any interaction done in the game must be strictly in character. Since there are no graphics, the game play of the world is largely story-based driven subject to player's imagination, as long as they stick within the theme. In the Eternal City, there are many choices roles or skills to chose from: 1. Warrior 2. Gladiator 3. Legionary 4. Constable 5. Slave 6. Tailor 7. Healer 8. Thief 9. Hunter/Outdoorsman 10. Locksmith 11. Broker Those who are skilled enough role-players subject to the Game Master's approval may play patrician characters who can serve as patrons for the head counts/normal characters and delve into politics of the Senate, serve as Justice, Legate etc. While the game is based on Roman times, there has been customization to the world. It is based in the Republic of Iridine. They worship the sun god named Ereal with other gods who are known but believing in them labels someone as a heretic, a Ravanite. While there has been to some degree some customization to make the world unique, the roman theme is prevalent however. There are the gladii, pteryges, loricas, sagums, paenula, palla, togas. The structure of the Legio has Legionaries, Optio, Centurion, Decurion etc which answer to the Tribune. I caution all this so everyone is aware this is a roman based unique world and does not go 'out of character' by bringing names, gods, city names from real Roman history into it. Death in the game is permanent so it is not one of those games where someone can die and resurrect as it would be impossible to role-play around these circumstances. For those of you who cannot imagine what a text-based role-playing game would be like, here is an example of a scene in-game: You arrive at a cobblestone road. A disfigured Iridine soldier, Advara, Prothius, and Valoran are here. You are facing southeast. You see a grassland to the north, to the northeast, to the east, to the southeast, to the southwest, and to the west; and a cobblestone road to the south and to the northwest. The air is absolutely still. The air is warm. l dis You see a stocky man. His dark brown eyes stare blankly at one spot. His brown hair has been cut short in the style of the Iridine legions, framing a dark brown complexion. His hands are covered in dried blood. His chest is punctured His right thigh is slashed. He is wearing a cuirass, a slashed linen pouch, a scabbard, a black leather belt, some torn banded leggings, and some heavy well-worn boots. He is carrying a bloodstained boison dagger in his right hand and nothing in his left hand. In a spray of blood, a disfigured iridine soldier rips a bloodstained boison dagger from his shoulder. A disfigured Iridine soldier's breath intakes sharply, then eases into a ragged pace. Valoran exclaims to a disfigured Iridine soldier, "Recruits of Eagle Century reporting sir!" You salute. Valoran salutes. Advara salutes. A pair of peregrines circle each other slowly, dancing in the sky. A disfigured Iridine soldier's mouth dribbles blood as it works, but no sound comes out. Valoran says to a disfigured Iridine soldier, "Point the way then." Prothius asks a disfigured Iridine soldier, "where are they?" <Valoran thinks aloud: We need a medic, to Vetallun.> <Valoran thinks aloud: Any Legionaries around?> A disfigured Iridine soldier gurgles, "...am....bush..." You say, "Ambushed." You gaze about. About a mile off to the south atop a low hill stands a large stone fortress. Advara grits his teeth. Blood pours from a disfigured Iridine soldier's mouth as he coughs violently. A disfigured Iridine soldier places a bloodstained boison dagger on the ground. A disfigured Iridine soldier's arm shakes as he points due east. Those interested in adding to the game world: The Eternal City