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Top Five Most Overrated Tourist Attractions

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A bit newer list from USA Today and stonehenge is on again?

...on that list below i only say the Maneken Pis and i must say i indeed was a bit disapointed, he is so tiny and i almost missed him...(other than that Brussels is a pretty cool city)



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Hmm, I've seen the Pyramids in Giza, the leaning tower of Pisa (and did not take the obligatory photo pushing it!), the Astronomical Clock in Prague, the Manneken Pis in Brussels, and the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.


I don't care what anybody says, visiting the Pyramids in Giza was a magical experience and I was absolutely not disappointed. Sure, Cairo was not far away but I just didn't notice it anymore once I found myself staring up at the pyramids. I don't know what the site looks like now but when I visited it as a teenager, I don't really remember seeing or noticing the Pizza Hut and KFC signs.Granted, that was about 20 years ago...


As for the others, I guess I was not particularly disappointed because those attractions were not the main reason why I visited the cities (except for Pisa, but then again, I was already expecting to be overrated so I just appreciated it for what it was). They were just a nice little extra. 

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I always tell the people I walk through my city of Brussels that they are in for "the biggest surprise the city has to offer" when I get to the Manneken Pis, but people do actually ask to see it so I can't escape it. As for the rest of the list, I can understand why people would put Stonehenge in, as pictures make it more impressive than it is for those who do not think about what they are seeing, and the same might be true of the Pyramids. As for those, when seen from the right angle, in 2004, you could still believe they were alone in the middle of nothing... 

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