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Anyone want to help with name authenticity?

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Hello, I am newbie and still learning English so forgive my blunders! I am having to write a fiction story for school and the timeline I am given is 400-410 in Roman Empire. Will anyone want to tell me if these character names could work?


The Romans


Family one:

father: Caius (is this real name?) Pompieus Atellus

wife: Cornelia (is his wife take his name as well?)

son: Gaius Pompieus Cornelius

daughter: Pompieia (spelling?)


Family two:

older brother: Marcus Octavius Marcellus Corvus

younger brother: Marcus Octavius Marcellus Celsus (does 2nt child take mother's side name to prevent confusion>)


Other Romans:

Lucius Drusus Germanicus (old man was centurian against German barbarians)

Quintus Barrius Pius

Decimus Varus Merenda







Gelvira (Visigoth woman captured when young and prostituted)


I am furthermore lost for ideas of a Greek tutor and some ancient Britain names, if anyone would like to share :whistling:

Thanks to you!

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