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Spectacle in the Roman World

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Yes, please!!!!

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Would love to add this book to my collection of books on all subjects Roman.

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We are happy to announce that Duckworth Publishers is giving away one copy of the upcoming book - Spectacle in the Roman World by Hazel Dodge to one lucky member.


This book offers an introduction to the main forms of spectacle in the Roman world (human and animal combat, chariot racing, aquatic displays), their nature, context and social importance. It will explore the vast array of sources, from literary to archaeological material, that informs the subject. It will examine the spectacles with special emphasis on their physical setting, and will also consider the variation in the provision of venues and their context across the Empire. A final section will review the modern reception of Roman spectacles, especially those involving gladiators.


Hazel Dodge is Senior Lecturer in Classical Archaeology, Trinity College Dublin. She is author (with Peter Connolly) of The Ancient City (1998) and editor (with J.C.N. Coulston) of Ancient Rome: The Archaeology of the Eternal City (2000). All you have to do is to reply to this mail, confirming that you are interested.


The winner will be chosen randomly from all replies, deadline is the 20th of August 2010


All you have to do to enter the draw is to post here





Sounds like a great book to read. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a drawing.





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