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Revolts in Mauritania during reign of Hadrian - What's known?

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I'm looking for source material providing information on revolts in Mauritania around 122-123 AD.


It's known that Emperor Hadrian was "on tour" in Gaul and Hispania, and is said to have traveled further south to quell some disturbances, but I've been unable find any solid details.


We know he was there, but little is known about the source of or reasons for the revolts.


As a novelist, I'm hoping that no substantial facts have survived ... that way I can make up stories with impunity!


Any information or links would be appreciated.



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I found sometime ago a reference to romans abandoning a mine in southern Spain after it was destroyed by moorish rebels in II century AD and I would really like to get details on that because I was never able to find myself more data on it.

Birley's biography of Hadrian mentions the presence of the emperor in quelling moorish revolts and points to a brief reference in Historia Augusta. This rebellion may be connected with the one Marcius Turbo had suppressed 5 years earlier, a revolt started after Hadrian has put to death their leader Lusius Quietus during Trajan's succession crisis.

Your focus is on Hadrian or on Mauritania?

Edit: Oh, I've seen the link and the focus of your book it's actually on Spain.

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