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When Rome Ruled on National Geo. channel

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on Romans which implied it was an utterly corrupt diversion on path of civilization

Another bother was their depiction of well off Pompeii folks as condescendingly arrogant and theatrically flaunting their luxuries. How do they know the Romans weren't aspirational and savoring their special foods, etc like folks now at slow food fests for example?

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... The best scenes just appear for a second or two - there is some name for that annoying process that makes impressions by bombarding you with machine gun scene changes.




Flashing images for a split second, often but now not exclusively linked to advertising, comes under the category of subliminal images.

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I was thinking of more along the lines of montage which was started under the soviets http://filmeditor.wordpress.com/2007/12/24/montage-theory/ but there is some new use that I have heard about but forgotten for TV documentaries. The end result is about 5% of the recording takes half my time because I have to keep freezing the 2 second archeo shots.


A little sad to see Pompeii which is visibly falling apart compared to earlier visits. Same for Ostia Antica - the most famous mosaics are a shadow of what you may have seen a few years ago. I think it's strange how they sometimes let you trample fragile mosaics in Italy, but memorable anyway.

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