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Aside from Roman History, what history are you damn serious and Passio

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My historical interests are wide ranging;


British History

American History

Pre-Contact Native American History

Post-Contact Native American History

Military History

Japanese History

Chinese History




Hero of Canton


P.S. I TRIED to teach History to High School students back in the Carter and Reagan administrations.

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Only really 2 other 'history's for me and its the 2nd and 3rd crusades, especially Salah ad-dins battles at Jerusalem and Arsuf and the whole arc of Richard the lionhearted.




Carthages birth and the 3rd punic war



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My main focus has generally been on the Late Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire but I honestly enjoy learning about any type of history.


I like reading non-fiction in general, so I also read a lot of books on politics, crime, travel, exploration, sport, military history, biographies or anything I might not know about.


My last big focus was on North Korea though, I've read about 5 books or so just on this regime.

My next book might be about the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia.


I also focused quite a lot on World War II a few years back and it still interests me.


My interest lately has been more on modern history, but I would like to read another book on Roman history soon.

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