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retired US army colonel: cut military spending

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Ret. Army Col. Douglas Macgregor says there are ways to reap major savings when it comes to defense. He recently wrote about the subject in an article titled "Lean, Mean Fighting Machine" for Foreign Policy magazine. He tells Guy Raz, host of weekends on All Things Considered, that the U.S. simply cannot afford "wars of choice."


"Emphasis on choice," Macgregor says. "If you look at all of the interventions that we have launched since 1945

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We've been experiencing trends at a increasingly quicker rate first set in motion by Marlborough in his French Campaign. It predates the US, and will likely outlast us, the concept of an American identity.


It's a bit like the Cynics rejecting money, yet begging for it. Money has significantly evolved in its form and functions. I find myself wary of it, yet mystified and intrigued, noting the depth of total acceptance it has evolved into over time. Even racists will engage with one another for it. Damnest of things.....


War is something similar. I have a strong pacifist streak to me, coupled with direct contact and a well developed knowledge base given warfare and statecraft.


Right now, if it was Warsaw and not NATO that triumphed in the Cold War, it would be Warsaw stuck fighting very similar wars. Same had a European power triumphed.


We didn't have a direction to go except mass homogenization. It was never any of our choices, and neither world war did shit to change the outcome, just the confused political philosophy and language that would be attached to push for a final mold.


No matter what, the entire time the US has existed, we've been stuck in a bottleneck. The whole world is heading into a direction of a enevitable intergrated monoculture where nation states and the law of nations wont matter much. Morality has shifted . Part of me hates this, alot. But another is the good cosmopolitan.


Expect the armies, and not just US ones, to roll out increasingly more. Your going to see alot of middle tiered power brokers emerging on the world stage, doing exactly what the US has been doing compulsively. No one really has much of a choice anymore.

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