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The Dacians and the Late Empire

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I'm curious as the what the exact relationship the Latin Dacians had with the Roman Empire after the legions withdrew from the province. I know that Dacians on both sides of the Danube continued to provide the Roman army with troops into the Byzantine period and that they did recognize the general supremacy of the Roman emperor, but at the same time, there are attestations of the Dacians repeatedly raiding across the border and needing to be subdued militarily several times. This scenario mimics Rome's relationship with numerous other peoples that were along its borders, but as the Dacians were a Latin that people that were largely Romanized, this was a bit different. Does anyone here have any further information on this, or know where I can read more? Peter Wells' The Barbarians Speak was an excellent read, but I think that he went a bit too far to try to prove his argument that the provincial Romans along Rome's continental borders were not really Romanized, and I didn't really get a look into how Roman culture deeply affected the cultures here, just how the peoples retained aspects of their own culture.

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There are very little literary sources about the Latin speakers north of Danube until the Romanians/Vlachs are mentioned in the 10th century. The area was controlled by various tribes like Goths, Huns, Slavs etc who probably dominated the romanized inhabitants. When Trajan established the roman province of Dacia large groups of Dacians East and North of the province remained independent. These Free Dacians kept raiding the Empire until they were absorbed by Goths and were not Latin speakers.

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