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Questionaire for Roman History

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Hi there everyone. I am part of a Masters group at De Montfort university in the UK, and we are working on a project to create an Augmented Reality phone application, that would help people to identify places where Roman buildings used to stand and what they would have looked like, bringing elements of history back to the community. We have made a survey to gather up some information

about what people would like from the application and what kind of information and content should be there. It would be really great to get some information from the experts. If you have a minute please follow the link and fill in the questionnaire

to help us better understand the audience. If you know anyone else who would be willing to help please forward the link to them also. (Some questions about Leicester/focus group may not be applicable to you, so please just tick no if so.)


Many thanks for your time.


Here's the link to the survey:



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I really like the look of this. I do guided tours of Lincoln with a Roman theme, and I can really see how well it could work there. I went to see the Jewry wall, baths and museum in Leicester, and this app would have helped me see other stuff I knew nothing about.


Best of luck with it, and feel free to get in touch if you need a guinea pig.

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I noticed that the questionanaire is predicated on the fact that the respondee actually uses a fully 'app' capable smart phone.


I understand that the latest statistics seem to indicate that at most only 30% of the population use them.


Depending who responds to the questionnaire this could skew the answers.

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