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Identify the Ancient God

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This one is quite easy, largely because of the lyre he's holding. But if you had to go on a bust alone, could you identify this god?


number 30


I don't know if one could identify this statue without the kithara.

For instance, Ganymedes could then also be a candidate.


Apollo (Phoebus) is often represented as a youngster, naked (upper)body, fit but not too athletic and well groomed hairstyle, almost feminine.

Holding one arm up over his head is also a Apollo-like pose. Especially when it's his right arm (and you don't know what is in his left), because

Apollo was a right-handed guy: the kithara allways in his left hand.


But, what could he be holding in his right hand?

A javelin with plague (not likely) or maybe a ritual phial?



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