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I'm not going to buy it for a few years. I was very disappointed with Total War, Napoleon..... graphics were good, but gameplay would fall apart if the computer had 30+ armies in the field..... my defense of the Tyrol is permanently locked out because of this, it took forever to Nurture the Russians to the point they would launch a mass counter attack against me...... I really wanted to fight that out.


Shogun 2 was a disappointment. Too cartoonish. Everyone would default break with you if you got too large, but ignored other factions that grew too large..... it reminded me of the Skirmishes on Tiberium Dawn where every AI faction would instantly drop what they were doing if you killed two or three of the enemy completely off..... it becomes a game of reducing bases to low efficiency but still surviving just barely until you break enough bases to be safe...... it gets tiresome to beat the programmers calculas. 


I'm also upset with the reliance on stream.... I don't have a hardline connection. It's a pain in the butt to head out and constantly get steams approval to play offline with a game I already own. 


Once Rome is fixed, the mods are worked out, I might consider it. The old Rome wasn't too bad. Not very realistic,not too bad. I don't want to loose a big chunk of time right now playing it. 

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Those are good Mods. I hope Rome II leads to other types of mods like Europa Barbarorum for the original Rome, although I doubt this would be the case as it has generated anywhere near the amount of adoration as the original game, and it is also difficult to mod to boost.

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