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Ancient Forger's Mold

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Here's a 4th Century Forger's mold listed in a recent auction. Click on the image to see a larger picture.):






4th Century Forger's Mold

Valens (AD 364-378). PB (lead) Forger's Mold. Set of two pieces consists of two pieces, a larger "reverse" mold approx. 57mm square with an overlapping lip, and a smaller "obverse" piece 50 X 54 mm designed to nest within, both sides containing impression of a siliqua of Valens of the Trier (?) mint of type RIC 27 - RSC 109. Bottom of each piece has a wedge-shaped opening for the introduction of metal. Both pieces fully intact, with beige-white "lead oxide" on both sides, the exterior with some earthen encrustation. A fascinating survival from the Late Antique era and proof that the compulsion to counterfeit is as old as coinage itself!






guy also known as gaius


Addendum : These coin molds from a previous post are thought by many also to be forgeries.



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