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Battle of the Phantoms

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Well, I'd say that there are a lot of problems with the article. 


1: The battle of Lysimachia is seldom mentioned in modern literature as one of the more important ones in antiquity, at least as far as I know. Sure it had importance, but it just fades a little compared to the battle of Ipsos (301) or Battle of Corupedium (281). What I'm trying to say here though, is primarily that the importance of the battle of Lysimachia has been somewhat blown up to make the theory more sensational. 


2: Justinian is a very late source and should hardly be considered trustworthy in the details - the arguments regarding the sailors and the elephants are therefore very weak in my opinion. Further on:


It should also be noted that no archaeological evidence of such a battle has ever been found and, more importantly, the latest archaeological evidence completely contradicts Justinus

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Thank you for your opinion.


So you believe that they butchered their wives and children for no reason, before being attacked by an army of ghosts and demons?



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