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Retiarii - which hand?

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I need some concrete evidence of which hand a retiarius used to hold and cast his net with. There is too much conflicting information around.




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Right hand with the trident and net with the left. Shoulder guard on the left. Both the net and shoulder guard substitute for the shield. Right handedness was the norm for gladiatorial training/combat


However, left handed gladiators were considered unusual and in some cases special. The emperor Commodus was very proud of his left handed fighting for instance.


The British Museum in London has funerary art showing a retiarius with trident in the right hand, shoudler guard on the left, and a dagger in the left hand - the Retiarius was allowed a dagger as a reserve weapon - sometimes the net isn't depicted, and in some of the small figures of retiarii the fighter is shown leading with his left side, shoulder guard foward, holding the trident with both hands.

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