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What Song Are You Listening to Now?

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I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend to see Eddie Izzard. I might even get a history and Latin lesson (see below):




guy also known as gaius


wow, i am jealous! Have fun and share your impressions from his show!

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Off early through the desert for some spiritual renewal in the one place I'm sure to get it ... Las Vegas.


It will be at least 110 degrees (or 43.3 Celsius) as I race thru the desert.


Although I'm off to see Steve Windwood and Steely Dan, I will be listening to this as I drive thru similar scenery as this clip:




guy also known as gaius

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...now i am curious :naughty:

I just got a shock of recognition that this and some of my other posts assume that bad/sick taste equals amusing. Maybe not so to some, so first check if this crass Roman singer seems funny. In this movie he is ubermacho, but youtube also shows the original broadway version where he was softened to be quite effeminate.



IF you can find amusement in that, below is what I originally posted. Maybe there is something wrong in finding musical hilarity in modern tragedy, but the singer is half Cherokee satirizing his redneck relatives lifestyle. 


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