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So when is this global warming supposed to kick in?

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I don

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No, its hardly talked out, just I havent tried to push it hard here. Not much point on a history forum.


They forced fed me "Weekly Readers" in elementary school. Do you know what they put in that crap in the 90s? Constant stories of global warming and dinosaurs with green house gases, and global warming...... and how we were the future and could change things.


Im 30. Thats a entire generation forcefed.


We actually tricked people into dismissing what their own senses and common sense tells them.


I dont care about the culture wars or foxnews vs nbcnews or cnn. I check out over a dozen international newsites, regularly. On this forum, it appears its foxnews, but thats only because they put more archeological news out. The quality of CNN has collapsed into oblivion..... earlier today they claimed the prime minister of india resigned..... I could of told them that was not the case, just check a indian website.


I can find half the time more reliable science stories from Pravda or the Iranian Press TV than in American news.


Needless to say..... tonight is very, very cold. We just drove a stranded homeless guy to Pittsburgh from here so he wouldnt freeze to death tonight.


And yes, ice always forms rapidly around antartica. That was the purpose of that antartic research vessel, to see how things change over the last 100 years since the last explorer got trapped for a year along the same route, by similar conditions. Surprise surprise.




Half of meteorologists dont accept global warming.


Im not too thrilled about projections of another iceage either. Since global warming has been proved by the weather beyond a reasonable doubt to be wrong, a knee jerk reaction to assert a pragmatic opposite needs to be avoided. A reexamination of what science is needs to occur, and this culture of brain washing and fear mongering needs to stop. No more voodoo global warming witch doctors, just keep quiet and collect data. We need a few centuries worth of reliable global data, not a dozen decades. Science, not armageddon styled mystical science that evades the senses and experiences of weather the common man carries.

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The guy who wrote that Forbes article is hilarious, thanks for posting :lol:


Yeah that Forbes article is by a Heartland Institute idiot. It's been refuted several times & he's been ridiculed so much he had to get Forbes to give him more space to try and refute it. I just give up, shake my head and laugh.

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Global Warming is at it again! Yes, clearly something else we can wisecrack and refute.


I even found a site in Swedish talking about it.




It just seems colder when seen in swedish.


I think we should send a caravan of Global Warming Zealots to the cold front and sacrifice some aluminum cans and a Burkin in sacrifice, and tell the cold front the US is now a socialist country, and to go away back to Canada. We can conduct a abortion infront of it to prove our sincerity. If that doesnt work, we can set up a second line of defence where old hippies professors can sit, pointing threateningly at the storm, telling it back down, because they denounced the government back when they were students, andgot teargased, and we can have angry feminists shouting they are now the majority of the work force, the primary bread winners, but also paid less and not hired in preference to males..... these two forces can be reinforced by Jesse Jackson who can lead a protest march against the cold, accusing the cold of being a racist bigamist, and he can have greenpeace accuse the cold of killing the dolphins in its ice cicle nets.


If that doesnt work..... we can use the nuclear option..... Chris Mathews can just start screaming non stop at the cold, telling it that it is secretly using warm coldwords, and has a hidden warm agenda, and Nancy Pelosi can ban cold fronts because they are fattening fir the diet.


If that doesnt work, we'll have to fall back to guys like Virgil to refute the existence of the cold as it smothers us, and do a South Park Terrance and Phillips act, thoughly disproving it was ever cold to begin with.


Im rubbing motor oil under the windows..... I hear its bad for the enviroment, so it might keep the global warming freeze over from targeting my house. Kinda like the blood over the door at passover.... Global Warming, Please dont hurt me. I am not brain washed. I dont believe in political parties, and am thoroughly disgusted by both sides propaganda.


I know the icecaps havent melted. I know the oldfarts over 35 years old claiming magic has occured by some very low level athmospheric carbon emissions are full of hubris, among otherthings, and know you are freezing us at record temperatures to prove a pount. Just dont target me.


Yes, the left is incredibly stupid and infantile, and the right is not that much smarter. They are so stupid they blame each other for your actions.


The next logical step, after we just admit we are bullshiting ourselves with fake science and tangential political deadlock is to apply our skills weve used on each other against you, O mighty Global Warming Cold Front. Yes, its true, you lack sentience, and its pountless to talk to you, but its even more pointless how we talk and debate and counterattack each other. It actually makes more sence to pretebd yoy not only exist, but you can hear us. That you can comprehend our ludricious, incomprehensible hysteria as we all run about, whipping ourselves into a frenzy, swearing up and down you exist, zealotly attacking the skeptics as idiots.


Only you, Global Warming, knows the truth. Which is ironic, as you dont exist.


Its some crap people made up, and it resulted in a political monopoly.


Science is founded on half skepticism, and half on verifiable methods. Not karma, cultural or ideological correctness, a priori statistics, or liberalism or progressive attitudes.


The methods failed. Icecaps didnt melt. They were supposed to be gone. Gone. GONE! Instead, we have record breaking cold weather. What the hell are you bullshitting yourself for? Is this some sort of sporting game, your side still has a chance to kick the game winning goal in the last second? Your fooling yourself. You lost the game.... proof is all around. The world has frozen over. The world doesnt care about your carbon, or your carbon taxes, your recycling or your waste. The world is way to big to notice. Massively huge, and you are really small. Inconsequential. Even all of us put together..... very small compared to the sun lighting up the athmosphere and oceans iver the south pacific every morning. A shoe factory cant compete against that expanse, not even all them put together.


Refute it all you want, nature shall refute you in return. Its cold outside.


If you have a viable plan to make global warming actually happen, tell me. It has to be something real though, not this fake stuff every con artist looking to fear monger their way into political office has used. I want to make it summer year round.

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Concept of a 'thing' provides the basis of a fact

It most certainly does not.


Or are we to imagine that the shape of someone's nose dictates whether it is acceptable to gas them? Or that the Earth is flat? Or that Atlantean spaceships are on their way to rescue the chosen before the an uncoming apocalypse? Or that the End Is Nigh and the Rapture is happening any time soon?


Concepts are merely ideas, nothing more. Facts are established by evidence, not ideas.



The romans invented science fiction

They most certainly did not.


The greeks got there befopre them, and arguably, there were much earlir tales that might loosely be described in that genre from civilisations that predated the Romans by a considerable margin. However I would point out that whilst elements of that literary genre might be present, the genre itself requires sicnece as a popular basis for story-telling which requires a certain education from its readers, or else the story is no more than mere fairy tales (a fault I level at the modern Dr Who series). Since sicence was a very limited subject in ancient times to say the least, any such basis for popular literature has to have been largely coincidental.

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