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New Movie 300: Rise of an Empire

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Here's a trailer of an upcoming movie that deals with the pivotal Greek naval victory against the Persians at the Battle of Salamis. The movie will be in the same style of the original movie 300.:




After the complete destruction of the Spartan forces at Thermopylae (portrayed in the movie 300), the Persians under Xerxes looked to overrun the entire Greek mainland.


Salamis was the lopsided naval victory of the Athenian general Themistocles and the Greeks against Xerxes of Persia. This defeat crippled the Persian navy and stunned the Persians. Salamis was soon followed by another military defeat of the Persians at Platea, ending Xerxes' campaign against Greece :




The movie seems to have a focus on the female commander Artemesia who fought for Xerxes:



An interesting anecdote from the battle:

While the Xerxes was looking the battle from his throne, which was at the foot of the mount Egaleo, he perceived the incident and he and the rest of the others who were present thought that Artemisia attacked and sank a Greek ship. One of the men who was next to Xerxes said to him: "Master, see Artemisia, how well she is fighting, and how she sank even now a ship of the enemy" and Xerxes then responded: "My men have become women, and my women men.". No one of the crew of the Calyndian ship survived to become her accuser. According to Polyaenus, when Xerxes saw her, he said: "O Zeus, surely you have formed women out of man's materials, and men out of woman's.".



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Great, knowing 300, she'll have a beard, hunchback, eye patch and face tattoo.


Sounds like my kind of woman. :naughty:




guy also known as gaius 

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I've had the DVD for 300 for I don't know how many years now, and I still haven't watched it. Perhaps the sequel might be an excuse to dig it out.


I have no doubt this will make a lot of money based on the fact that it has 300 in the title.

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