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Help! First Century Latin

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I'm working on a paper and I need some help.  I'm writing about Latin authors who discuss the beginning of Augustus' reign, and I need suggestions on early-mid 1st-Century texts that deal with this subject.  I already have Velleius Paterculus.  Particular passages would be lovely.  Thanks!

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I know of a few writers (active in the 1st century AD) who wrote about Augustus:


- Nicolaus of Damascus wrote a biography of Augustus (but unfortunately he was Greek, not Latin)


- Livy (Titus Livius) was a historian who wrote about the history of Rome (including Augustus's reign)


- Horace alluded to Augustus in his poetry (e.g Odes)


- Sextus Propertius, another poet, apparently also indirectly criticised Augustus in some of his work


- Plutarch also wrote about Augustus but I guess that was a bit later on (and he was also originally Greek although apparently he became a Roman citizen at some point)


Sorry I can't be more specific and offer actual passages but I hope this is still useful...

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Well, apparently, the only connected narrative is Cassius Dio who wrote in Greek in the second century.

As noted by Aurelia, Nicolaus of Damascus wrote a biography of Augustus, of which fragments survive, but he too wrote in Greek.

Tacitus starts with Tiberius (though there is some introductory info) and is also 2nd century, and Livy ends in 9AD, but the last books only survive only in the periochae (a sort of table of contents).

There is Suetonius, but he was 2nd century.

You seem to be left with Vellius, the "Res Gestae" and allusions in the poets (Horace, Virgil, Propertius).

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