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Women's rights and their money: a timeline from Cleopatra to now

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Interesting to see how in some cases women had more rights as far back as 3000 BC(E) than just a few decades ago. This article refers to current Western women's rights, of course.


Many modern women in the US and Europe never question their right to open a bank account, own property, or even buy wine or beer in a pub. These rights, however, were hard won: for much of history, and even up to 40 years ago, middle-class women were not allowed to handle money; even having a job was seen as a sign of financial desperation.


You can see the timeline at The Guardian

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It still amazes me how far we've come in a relatively short space of time.

On the subject of ancient women, I always thought Ancient Greek (Athenian not spartan) had it pretty bad, hidden away in the house from view.

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I think that was indeed the case. At the same time, ancient Greek women from the lower classes seemed to have slightly more rights, but still pretty bad overall... 

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