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No posts on the big anniversary this week?

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Hi Thurinius,


thanks for posting it, we mentioned it briefly in this news piece,



and now guy posted here the 40 maps (that we posted already on the facebook page)


We also have coming up a big review from Goldsworthys Augustus book, thanks to author Lindsay Powell...


....so Thurinius, what is your take on Augustus, do you feel like some that he was not much different from Caesar but with a better PR management?

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I think he was a fabulous politician. And in a way quite similar to Vladimir Putin. Putin from the ordinary Russian eye view restored Russia's glory and might, he kicked out the oligarchs bleeding the country, he gave them a figurehead to believe in and held the country together when it might conceivably have split to pieces,

Of course if you stay in power too long, people take your achievement for granted, they don't remember what came before, they grow hungry for more.....


Augustus was always my hero and still is but he had a dark side, he had to, no way he'd survive if he hadn't.

For the average roman on the street how much difference did it make to have one man/family in power versus a rotating head of the same families over and over again? Conceivably it gave more power to the citizen with one person continually in power to answer their grievances and keep in check corruption. Just some thoughts for you all.....

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