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6 Ancient Civilizations Mistakenly Thought To Have Homogeneous White P

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What do you guys make of the article below? Given where it was published, I'm not sure whether to take this seriously. I'm not doubting the existence of influential black Africans around ancient Mediterranean civilizations, but the claims in this article seem to be stretching reality a bit.


Here are a few passages:


Recent genetic and anthropological studies have concluded that the people known as white Europeans today are not the original inhabitants of Europe. However, this has been documented historically at least since the 19th century.


...Historian Clyde Winters argues that Blacks in ancient Greece were not just slaves, but rather the true founders of Grecian civilization. He concluded there is no way it can be proven that Indo-European Greeks have always been in Greece and numerous archaeologist have found abundant evidence of Egyptians settled in Greece long before the coming of the Indo-European-Aryans to Anatolia...


...Even after the Nordic invasion, Blacks were not systematically restricted to the lower classes of Roman society. On the contrary, some became emperors, writers, philosophers, entertainers, generals and popes.



...Both European and Arabic scholars have labeled them as Indo-European or Semetic, but the Phoenicians referred to themselves as Canaanite, the same people spoken of in the Bible. Greek writer Diogenes Laertus in his biography of philosophers, Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, describes the Phoenicians as, “tall gaunt and black.”


...In his work Ancient and Modern Britons: a Retrospect, Vol. 3, David MacRitchie wrote, “We know that the first inhabitants of Britain and more especially those of the northern parts, were craniologically of a type approaching to the Negro or the Australian race.”


...Germany was by no means an exception in terms of an ancient Black presence. There have been settlements of African people in that region from as far back as the Old Stone Age.

Black legions invaded Germany with Julius Caesar, and MacRitchie stated that certain Danish tribes in northwestern Germany were “like the Moors, black.”
...The Greek historian Herodotus noted that the ethnic composition of the Colchians was similar to that of Black Egyptians. In the late fourth century A.D., church fathers Sophronius and St. Jerome referred to Colchis as a “second Ethiopia” because of its large Black population.





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Reminds me of a documentary where a black professor claimed that archaeologists were ignoring Sudan's cultural history because they were black.

Nothing at all to do with an ongoing civil war and disorder that would threaten any expedition......


I don't believe in roman society black Africans would instantly be lower class, they are rather colour blind .

Though having said that they did place slaves in positions by ethnicity - the fashion for Greek secretaries etc.

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