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Can I post an Amazon link to my book here?

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My first novel, THE TESTIMONIUM, is set on the Isle of Capri and is about the discovery of some remarkable relics from Tiberius' time, in the ruins of the Villa Jovis.  Can I post a link here in case anyone wants to buy it?

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Absolutely not...


Obviously, yes... given every other Roman fiction author has.


I'll guess I'll do this yet again...


Hard Copy off Amazon.com:




Off of Good Reads:



Amazon Kindle Version:



With Amazon Kindle, youcan download a sample for free, and you don't need a kindle to use it, you can download a free kindle app for android or ipad/iphone, or download it on your computer.


Barnes and Nobles Ebook for Nook, you can download a Nook App for free and get a free sample if your like me and left your nook on the side of a volcano in the middle of the pacific.




His Book's Facebook page:




Usually guys offer up a free ebook via some sort of contest... see past posts in this section or the UNRV.com homepage for past efforts. It appears to pay off, this site has decent google exposure.


I'd talk to Viggen, as he is the site owner to get that advertised if your interested. Don't forget to do the rounds to the other sites. You'll find a community of fiction writers lurking here, always in the background.... I know, I watch them on their laptop webcam as they type away and ponder. Always watching....

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sure no problem, and thanks Onasander for the links :)


p.s. congratulations on your first novel :)

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Thanks Viggen!  Let me add this, also - if you order THE TESTIMONIUM directly from my publisher, I make a bigger chunk of the profits and so do they . . . those 35% vendor fees add up!  Also, Electio will give you a free copy of the Ebook if you order the paperback. 




And I am selling autographed, personalized copies on EBay for $20 plus shipping:

www.Ebay.com - search for THE TESTIMONIUM


My seller name is indianasmith1.



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