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How retaliation against ISIS Vandalism permanently destroyed all Museu

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Clever graphics artists have decided to retaliate against ISIS destroying Iraqi artifacts once displayed in a museum online by making 3-D representations of each artifact from user provided pictures.


I myself still have a bunch of Saddam era museum tour books and pamphlets (no actual pictures, smart phones were forbidden (as well as dumb phones), so any site I saw, resides just in my head.


I see a obvious issue with this however. The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, for example, has long supported having plaster copies of columns and and thrones in its museum, but they never painted them or tried a large scale replication of a site beyond tiny tiny rooms in its Egyptian exhibit (its fake igloo upstairs is bigger, and warmer).


Were entering into an era where a museum, however wrongly, has lost its best pieces for display, and we are in retaliation.... Gonna put online every artifact in 3-D? I'm sure future Museum Directors and Tourism Ministers will absolutely love this! Now, nobody has a reason to visit, ever.


Maybe this idea should be restricted, to say..... Highly realistic real world models, incorporating found fragments of the destruction, before and after.


Can't wait till people start making 3-D models of the museum in Cairo.... always wanted to visit, but couldn't find sunscreen with a high enough rating to keep out the shrapnel when someone decides to body bomb me for visiting.


The museums in London and Paris too, Moscow.... now nobody will ever have to visit a museum ever again!


Just think of the lack of funding, they archeologist attached to museums, their archives forgotten, warehoused artifacts not being guarded, all because we no longer have museums.


I think we can safely say ISIS has won this war against the museum, every museum. Millions of photos, from every angle. Bye-Bye Museums.

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Nothing can ever take the place of seeing an artifact in person.



Except getting to hold it!

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Let's hope it's a blip, rather than a trend.

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