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Empires of Silk and Steel (first 20 pages) by J W Medhurst

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File Name: Empires of Silk and Steel (first 20 pages) by J W Medhurst

File Submitter: Viggen

File Submitted: 31 Mar 2015

File Category: Historic Novels


First 20 pages of Empires of Silk and Steel by J W Medhurst
It is the high empire and the Emperor Pius Antoninus has chosen one of his less reputable relatives to lead a dangerous mission to the land of silk. Forced to lead the mission to escape his debtors the young senator, Marcus, travels through Egypt, Arabia, Parthia and India to reach his goal. Joined by several Praetorian guardsmen, a Greek philosopher, and several others they meet along the way. Marcus travels further than any Roman before him and learns of many marvels of the east. Chased by Parthians and sorcerers and hated by the gods they finally, after many battles reach their a great goal and in doing so find enlightenment. Filled with violence, magic, battles and comedy and yet at the same time philosophy, spirituality and self discovery, Empires of Silk and Steel gives a new insight into the people of the ancient world.


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