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The Works of the Emperor Julian

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File Name: The Works of the Emperor Julian

File Submitter: Viggen

File Submitted: 13 May 2015

File Category: Free Classic Works in PDF



The two volumes of Julian's extant writings are must have books for anyone interested in the politics and religion of the Fourth Century. The first volume contains his Panagyricus to Constantius, the Heroic Deeds of Constantius and a Panygyricus to the empress Eusebia. These are interesting political documents that give us the 'official' version of events during the reign of Constantius, Julian's cousin. Eusebia was responsible for preserving Julian's life when he was imprisoned on trumped up charges of treason. The second volumegive us Julian's religious and philosophical writings along with letters and his satire "The Caesars" and the remarkable "Beard-Hater".



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