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Most Perverse War Crime of WW2: Harvesting Brains for Medicine

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This comes from a major Chinese new site. Claims that in "celebration" of the 70th anniversary of China's Victory Over Japan, they released a batch of state files, including a bewildering confession by a Japanese soldier of systematic brain harvesting, taken from living victims, cooked into a medicinal soup and given to a sargeant to treat his sexually transmitted disease.....


It's very, very rare for me to come across a story of a war crime that causes me to pause in amazement and disgust. I honestly can't tell if it is true. Chinese are perpetually racially and nationally motivated against China, the war ended 70 years ago, and they still drum those demons up, so can't rule it out as a masterful piece of propaganda. But it comes from a top state owned new site.


If true, middle and high school teacher of history should mention this to their class when discussing WW2 atrocities. Yes, the gas chambers killed far more, but at the same time removed the actual killing away from the soldiers and workers involved. It was commanded down from the highest echelons.


This brain harvesting, to treat a VD of all things, was done to appease a very low ranking NCO's very personal issue. So personal, I'm surprised anyone knew. From what traditional medicine text they got this one from, I dunno. Seems a rather frivolous connection to make.


I simply can't fathom how a unit can fall so low as for everyone in a battalion to just sit around and accept this. This wasn't survival cannibalism, but casual. How can you sit somewhere, say in a chowhall, in that unit, and not immediately look at this guy and think

"This is the asshole how has VD that eats brain soup" and not be disgusted enough to bayonet the moron in the latrine at night?


That's all I would think about if I was drafted into that unit. This guy, he has to die. How can I kill him without getting caught? Horrible? Yes, but that's exactly my approach. Stab you, push you down into the much and drop a duce on you too. I have zero sympathy for such people, or the systems that allow such atrocities to occur in plain daylight.


Imagine being the new recruit to a unit, and they are debating who goes to which squad in headquarters infront of you and the rest of the new guys, and they debate sending you to the cannibal NCO with al messed up genital.... no thank you. I've clearly wasnt needed to be drafted in the first place if this is the kind of unit and squad you need to place me in. Id either go AWOL on the spot or injure myself so severly on the way over that I simply put couldn't serve anymore. Shoot me, put me in prison, I don't care, not serving under such men. If I couldn't manage that, my every thought would be

"How do I kill this monster, and the idiots who support him"?

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