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Egyptians Dumping Roman Mummies into Sewers

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I suppose the argument is a bit like the abortion argument, if you outlaw abortion, women merely will go to back alley hanger sessions under very unhygenic conditions to have it done, so by outlawing abortions, your just putting women's health at risk.


In Egypt, the laws around Antiquities can be very strict, so whenever people decide to defile a mummy, looking for treasures to sell on the black market, they have a tricky moral dilemma.... how do you get rid of the historical treasure afterwards? You flush it down the toilet! No, not literally of course. They have no toilets, but rather pipes in a bowl in the ground they squat over, and they don't usually flush.... but I assure you, the have enough ingenuity to get a whole sarcophagus down there.


The obvious solution.... open up clinics for people to bring their Mummies they found in, so they can desecrate them under the watchful eye of experts, who can photograph and even appraise the pawn shop worth of any trinkets they may find, and can have access to the broken remainder afterwards. Chainsaws, prybars, and axes will be provided by the clinic. No need to flush human remains, precious historical artifacts down the toilets anymore!


It's time we take this barbaric practice out of the back ally and into the mainstream. Think of all the history we can preserve!

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