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Bulgarian Find: Roman Egyptian Earrings

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Gold Earring from Egypt’s Fayum Mummy Portraits Discovered in Roman City Deultum in Southeast Bulgaria




First, background on the Fayum portraits:



The portraits covered the faces of bodies that were mummified for burial.


Mummy portraits have been found across Egypt, but are most common in the Faiyum Basin. "Faiyum portraits" is generally used as a stylistic, rather than a geographic, description. While painted cartonnage mummy cases date back to pharaonic times, the Faiyum mummy portraits were an innovation dating to the time of Roman rule in Egypt. The portraits date to the Imperial Roman era, from the late 1st century BC or the early 1st century AD onwards. It is not clear when their production ended, but recent research suggests the middle of the 3rd century. 



Now, the article:


An actual ancient gold earring which can be seen depicted in some of the so called Fayum Mummy Portraits from Roman Egypt has been discovered in Southeast Bulgaria by archaeologists excavating the Ancient Roman colony Deultum near the town of Debelt, Burgas District, close to the Black Sea coast.

This jewel is extremely sophisticated, it is very interested. We found it has parallels to one of the Fayum mummy portraits, which has led us to date it to the 2nd century AD," she adds



Summary: There is quite a similarity between earrings found in Bulgaria and those found on the Fayum portraits in Egypt. Coincidence? Maybe. Or, this is a reflection of the extent of trade in the Roman Empire. Bulgaria (home of the Thracians) was conquered by the Romans in AD 46. It should be little surprise that items for trade were transported long distances in the Empire. Unfortunately, I didn't read any mention of the chemical analysis of the earrings found in Bulgaria, possibly confirming its Egyptian origin. At least, it appears that the women of this Roman colony in Bulgaria were following the fashions of Roman Egypt.


Unknown Chainmail Armors Discovered in Roman Colony Deultum near Bulgaria's  Black Sea Coast - Archaeology in Bulgaria. and Beyond

City of Debelt (site of the earrings) close to Black Sea.


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Oh, how fascinating about the earring and its discovery.

And I don't think I've ever seen a collection of mummy portraits like this. Thanks for sharing.

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