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The Roman Empire reborn?

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I have a thought experiment for you.  What would it take to have the Roman Empire (or Republic) make a comeback?  What bare minimums would recreate a recognizable Roman Empire?  Here are a few I brainstormed:

1. Must contain city of Rome

2. Latin official language of government

3.  Roman Senate active

4. Army using Roman terms. Legion = division, Cohort = battalion, century = company.  Dux = 3-star general, etc


Further questions:

1. Would there be an official religion?  I don’t think there would have to be.  Maybe nominally Catholic in the west.  Tolerance for all faiths would probably be the law.

2.  Who would be considered a citizen?  Everyone?

3.  Would slavery exist?  It’s hard to imagine Rome without it but the point of this experiment, after all, is a modern Rome.


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The city of Rome might seem essential but history proves otherwise, as the Romans created or moved capitals whenever they felt the need. Latin would not be necessary either since the lingua franca of the historical empire was Greek. Since religion only became 'official' in the empire to support political unity in the 4th century, one can readily see why such a move might re-appear. A new government could entitle whoever they like as citizens.

Slavery has never gone away. I don't like the current rend for demonising the past (witness Colston's statue getting a dip in the harbour courtesy of an angry mob) - it's moral cowardice attacking statues that never represented slavery anyway. Attacking slavers is a bit harder. You have to find them and when you  do, they might well get aggressive and indeed might come well-armed.

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