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Egypt: 100 more Coffins from 2500 years ago

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The 26th Dynasty coffins, which were sealed, finely painted and well-preserved, were of a higher quality than previous discoveries, according to the secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri, who suggested they belonged to high-ranking families.


These 100 coffins displayed in November 2020 come after some of another group of 59 coffins were opened in August 2020.



Summary: It is good to see that despite COVID-19, every effort is being made to discover and preserve antiquities. Hopefully, images of mummies and other antiquities sold in the market place by unscrupulous vendors will become a thing of the past


Egyptian mummy seller, 1875.

Egyptian mummy seller, 1875.



guy also known as gaius





(Images by Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Rueters from the earlier Saqquara find. Source: National Review)

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