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Hi everyone!

I'm part of the team currently working on The Forgotten City, a game that transports you back in time 2000 years to first century Rome.

We made this Roman villa with the help of historical consultants, but would welcome and appreciate some feedback on it's authenticity from you all 🙂


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Although short, your video is intriguing and well done

If this were a public villa, I would expect to see a lot more religious symbolism, possibly even an alter for worship and sacrifices. The ancient Romans were a superstitious people. I think the modern, more secular visitor would be surprised at the commonplace religious and superstitious symbolism and frescoes, including those of the cults of Isis or Dionysus and Bacchus. If this were a private villa, I would even think there would be a shrine to the guardian spirits of the Roman household (lararium).

One could use the symbolism found at Pompeii to get a better idea. Of course, the symbolism would depend on the time and place, including potential symbolism of Eastern and Christian cults.

Here's a thread on a related project:

Good luck,


guy also known as gaius


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