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Marcus Aurelius Bust set at £100,000 at auction

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An interesting auction is coming:



Incredible Marcus Aurelius bust is among a treasure trove of 2,000-year-old Roman bronze artefacts dug up by metal detectorists in Yorkshire and tipped to sell for £100,000 at auction

Two metal detectorists found the collection in a field in Ryedale, North Yorkshire

It also includes the handle of a knife and a plumb-bob, used in construction

The well preserved hoard will be sold May 20 with pre-sale estimate of £90,000


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The items were buried in a field in Ryedale, North Yorks, as an offering to the gods as part of a Roman religious ceremony in about AD 160

The plumb bob - a pointed weight which is suspended from string to show what is exactly vertical - that is part of the North Yorkshire hoard




Summary: Hopefully, it can be purchased by a museum or foundation that will have the items on display.


guy also known as gaius




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Just a follow up on the auction:

“ Due to major interest ahead of the sale, Hansons Auctioneers predicted the bronze bust of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, part of a unique collection of 2,000-year-old artefacts in its May 20 Historica Auction, could fetch more than £100,000.

But three phone bidder and strong competition online took the price soaring to £185,000 from an estimate of £70,000-£90,000. The collection eventually sold to a London phone bidder. “



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