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Naples: Ancient City Underground

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Here's a great video about the vast ancient city below modern Naples:





Summary: Living in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius would give one a different perspective on life. The video suggests that wind saved Naples from a fate similar to Pompeii in AD 79.  The video also claims that less than half of Naples sits on solid ground. Some of Naples is above Nero's ancient theater.


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Thanks for sharing.

I always have a difficult time visualizing what ruins would have looked like before. The theater - I don't see it there. How did they decide it was "Nero's theater"? 

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The story goes like this...

The famous Emperor Nero performed here, presenting the operas that he composed in the city, the only remaining piece of the language and culture of the Ancient Greeks. The ancient writers say that nothing could interrupt the great Nero’s song.

Nero made his debut in Naples and while he sang the ground began to shake. Nero continued to sing during the earthquake and, at the end of the show, thanked both the audience and the Gods for their applause. He sang in Naples on various occasions and would rest in the Terme for days after the performances.

Nero returned to Naples often saying that it was here that where he was baptised into the world of art.

The entire population of the region of Naples, including all of the smaller cities and colonies, would come to see Nero perform in the city. It is said that they all followed Nero for his dignity as he led them into the grand Neapolitan Theatre. Nero never performed in Rome, saying that he preferred the almost Greek city of Naples.

The greco-roman theatre - Napoli Sotterranea - Percorso Ufficiale e Autorizzato

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