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Vesuvius rescuer identified at Herculaneum

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Like Pliny the Elder, this could be another victim of the ill-fated rescue attempt from Vesuvius eruption:

A bag with tools was found with the skeleton when it was discovered


“Skeleton, originally thought to be an ordinary soldier, was among some 300 found at Herculaneum in the 1980s.

It is now thought he may have been a senior officer in the rescue mission launched by historian and naval commander Pliny the Elder.”

“Twelve silver and two gold denarii coins were found in the man's possession - the equivalent of a month's salary for members of the elite Praetorian Guard.

His highly decorated gold and silver belt and a sword with an ivory handle indicate he was no ordinary soldier, while his bag contained tools likely to have been used by a faber navalis - one of the Guard's naval engineers specialised in carpentry.”



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