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The Classis Britannica

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Great review of the Roman Naval Fleet in Britain (Classis Britannica):

Simon Elliot’s excellent lecture begins about the 5:00 mark.

The Classis Britannica was one of ten regional fleets.It consisted of about 900 ships and 7,000 men. Along with the Classis Germanica, the Classis Britannica was the most important fleet outside beyond the borders of Italy.

The Classis Britannica had jurisdiction of not only the waters around Britain and the rivers within, it was also responsible for the Northwestern continental coast, including the coasts of Germania and Gaul.


Despite the horrific image of galley slaves in the movie Ben-Hur (see GIF above), rowers on fighting ships were usually fit and healthy freemen.


(One of many tiles with the mark “CLBR” or Classis Britannica.)



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The above GIF was taken from a horrifying naval battle scene from the movie Ben-Hur (2016). It is somewhat incorrect, however, since galley rowers were usually not slaves, but free naval seamen:


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