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Dominion by Tom Holland

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Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World

by Tom Holland

He begins with his Christianity reshaped the Greco-Roman world and moves on to the modern era. He describes the pre-Christian world as immoral and inherently cruel and evil. Has anyone else here read this book?



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I first read Tom Holland’s “Rubicon” in 2006 (on  a trip to Italy). I have admired his writing since then. He had at that time an almost detached view of the role of religion in the ancient world.

In the last few years, however, Holland’s view on Christianity has evolved. Now, he has become more receptive to the possibility that the Christian movement may have had a positive influence on the development of a more tolerant and enlightened Western world.

Admittedly, I have little interest in philosophical and religious matters. Also, I already have too many books waiting to be read. So, it will probably be a while before I find time to read this book. 

Here’s a good discussion on the book:



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