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Pax Orbis Furius

Roman History Daydreams. Please Share One Of Yours.

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Ok this may seem a bit extreme being a girl but i am really into blood,


this is my dream and though i see it in the third person i have written this account in the first person of one of the main characters and yes i understand that it is in the past tense but at the end i die so how could i have written it...?


hope you like :)


The Gladiator


The crowd was cheering as I walked into the Colosseum. My heart was thumping against my rib cage. The smell of blood and sweat mingled, the sun

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I much like Roman bl00d's dream.


Though personaly mine are a bit different, becuase I never hear (or imagine, which ever which you perfer) sound, which is a shame becuase I would love to hear what everyone is saying. My favorite and most detailed of my dreams or daydreams is this


I imagine myself as a great politician speaking at the rostra before hundreds of Roman citizens and their slaves. As I speak on I work the crowd into a frenzy, each person following my every word as though the entire crowd, in their silent amazment, is intently foucused on exactly how my wordless mouth moves. So all the while, I walk back and forth before them, speaking what must truely be a inspiring speak, for as I talk to the crowd, more and more people join the crowd bellow, chanting my name and my glory in noiseless unity.


Finaly, as I finish speaking, the crowd comes to a climax and is on the verge of rioting. With one calming stroke of my hand, the entire crowd becomes completely still, and slowly disappears and blurs as the next image comes into sight from the disapating crowd. For the next image, is almost scary.


I'm walking through a large open forum surrounded by a marble colonade. Following behind me is a huge crowd of citizens, not a army, but citizens with daggers and other such weapons, bearing torches. As we walk further, the surroundings change gradually, as houses wihout warning collapse and the streets and building become dirtied from the clean marble they used to be. Upon these collapsed buildings, as I walk further, grow newer, larger, buildings than those of before. These are clad, all in the same drapping purple flag, and people cheer and wave out of the white marble buildings as the crowd and I walk by, completely and seemingly unaware of whats happening to the forum around us as we walk through it. As we near the end of the Forum, there is temples, and what is clearly the senate house. It is only then, that the Forum we are walking through becomes the Forum of Rome, and from the Senate house flee fat, greedy men, surounded by extravagantly clad female slaves. So right as the last of these Senators flee, the Crowd behind me finaly comes to a stop at the steps of the Senate house, and I walk forward up the steps, from which I speak to the crowd.


I rasie my arms out to the crowd, and then do a Roman salute. My view flips around to show from behind me, and as it does, once the view from which I see finaly faces the crowd again, there is no crowd. I am clad in a senatorial toga, surounded by others like me on a balconey over looking a large, open square, with one side facing out to see, a gate on another, and two walls of houses from which people cheer, and from which the same purple flags drap. In the square itself, are thousands of Roman Legionaries, lined up in perfect military position, all facing towards us as though for a inspection of some sort. Seperated into blocks of Centuries, open spaces are like a grid inbetween the different Centuries, through which horse mounted Roman Officers walk back and forth. and in the middle, aligned with the gate and leading up the building from which we look down, is a open area. The gates are then thrown open, and in are marched the same fat, greedy senators from the previous area, who are whining, and whos slaves are being carried a pushed by soldiers along up to the building from which we stand. But, as view is foucused on them, the vast army seems to disappear to some where, and only a small line of soldiers protecting the walk way are left to keep people from running out onto the walk way. The huge army has been replaced by thousands of Roman citizens, hurling things at the former senators being paraded through. Then, while all this is happening, a slave from behind me runs up with a glass of drink, which I take and down. After drinking it, I feint or die (not sure which) and fall over the balcony ledge, but before I hit the ground, the dream foes black.

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Bravo, these are all good stories. I'm just waiting for a Romance-type short story. For some reason, I find myself a Romantic reader with the exception that I hate stories that end in tragedy or just bad endings. :) I love happy endings.

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