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New Roman emperor revealed by a coin

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A new Roman emperor has emerged from the mists of history, in a muddy field 10 miles south-east of Oxford. After 1,700 years, a coin has revealed an imperial ruler called Domitianus, who seems to have seized power for a few weeks. Last year, a man with a metal detector unearthed a hoard of 5,000 Roman coins, from the mid-third century, fused into a lump of bronze.


Conservators separated them and found one inscribed IMP C DOMITIANUS P F AUG, which means Emperor Caesar Domitianus Dutiful and Fortunate Augustus. History refers to one general by that name. Almost certainly, he seized power in the secessionist Gallic Empire, probably in 271 after that Caesar, Galienus, was murdered. Domitianus was toppled by a Galienus relative, and probably executed by Rome.


By David Keys, Archaeology Correspondent at Independent

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Man, I want to unearth 5000 Roman coins someday....though not likely here in Southern Indiana.


Hopefully they'll find more information about this possible general turned week long emperor.


Makes you wonder how many other emperors there were.

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