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Novels/fiction On The Gracchi

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I try to keep apace with Roman novels, but I am not aware of any that cover this period.


Even Coleen McCullogh's massive sage starts later. Steven Saylor, who writes detective-style novels but well-researched, starts with the young Cicero.


In fim, I believe that the Charles Laughton character ("Gracchus") is based on the historical Gracchi - as olivier's crassus is "Sulla" reborn. But you ask about novels.


I suspect there may be some Victorian examples - a genre I explored many moons ago - but probably unreadable and lacking in truth, by today's standards.


Sorry I cannot offer more, but maybe YOU should write one - perhaps that's what you intend to do?



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Have any good novels/fiction been written on the brothers Gracchus? I am thinking something along the lines of Gore Vidal's Julian.


I'm still working on a project set in that time period - Gaius Sempronius Gracchus. However, progress on the novel has been pretty slow and I need to find more time to finish it. I'm not aware of anyone who has written a good book yet on the Gracchi and hopefully, my book will make the list. Although the Gracchi are only peripheral to the main story, they are very much part of the novel I have in mind and directly influence many of the important events.

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