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Welcome To The Arena

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The UNRV forum attracts all sorts of people... some who prefer detailed scholarly discussion, some who prefer a more light-hearted approach, those who enjoy a hypothetical debate, and some who have their own particular agenda or an axe to grind, etc.


Because we have attempted to keep the forum as a whole at a certain level of discussion quality, many topics have been routinely closed and sent to "Tartarus" in the past. This particular forum (Arena) will allow some of these discussions to proceed, sequestered in their own private arena where participants can come and go without being subjected to the contents unless they so desire.


We hope this will allow the site to appeal to a wider audience, thereby growing the community, while still limiting such arguments as "Caesar vs. Alexander" to one small area, and not irritating those who do not particularly care for it.


As for rules... general site rules such as maintaining a semblence of civility and courtesy still apply. It will be moderated and random mayhem will not be allowed. Otherwise the name of the forum speaks for itself... so have at it.


Typically, threads that devolve into subjective opinion or argument in other parts of the forum will be moved here (though some may still end up in Tartarus). Additionally, topics can be started by anyone, but they will not become active until a moderator has a chance to approve it, which will be completely at the discretion of the moderators.

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