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Ruins prove that Caligula was a megalomaniac

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British and American archaeologists digging in the Roman Forum said yesterday they had uncovered evidence to suggest that the emperor Caligula really was a self-deifying megalomaniac, and not the misunderstood, if eccentric, ruler that modern scholars have striven to create.

For several decades historians have been lifting their eyebrows at the Latin authors' portrait of Caligula as a madman who came to believe he was a god.


But Darius Arya of the American Institute for Roman Culture said a 35-day dig by young archaeologists from Oxford and Stanford universities had reinstated a key element in the traditional account.


"We have the proof that the guy really was nuts," said Dr Arya as he sat in the shade of a clump of trees a few metres from the excavation.


Suspicious of the very unanimity of the ancient sources, modern scholars have suggested they could have been politically biased.


more at the Guardian

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How did this man get into office in the first place? Roman Emporers seem to have a bad taste for picking their successors.

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