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Fidel Castro (Capitalist Democracy vs Socialism)

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Yep, capitalism is the way to go. :)


I just hate it when the ultra-capitalists think that the system requires no adjustments from time to time, and want to make every last function of government a business. What's next, corporate armies? There is nothing wrong with infrastructure being run by the government. Look what has happened with the privatization of telcom and energy. Now you have shitty quality service monopolies like Time Warner who do nothing to improve since they don't have too, brownouts and gouging with power.


The capitalist will tell you of all the benefits of this, but I for one don't see it happening. You just give a business, which is always fundamentally greedy, control of something too important to everyone.


Ever hear that sound clip of the energy executive joking about robbing old ladies of their money? Priceless.

Energy... are you referring to Enron? Enron was never really privatized. They recieved upwards of 600 million dollars in corporate welfare. The free market didn't create Enron. Here's something to chew on, the Clinton campaign recieved $100,000 from Enron in 1996. Guess who came to their assistance when the Dabhol project in India met resistance...


The point is, when you hear the word privatization... it usually doesn't mean privatization. It means government-backed monopoly. Keep this in mind when you consider energy and telecom.


Now, consider the current competition between Intel and Qualcomm to establish widespread wireless broadband coverage. Are they massively funded by taxpayer money? Regardless of who comes out on top, consumers benefit from their work.

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