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The All-Time 100 Best Albums

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Don't get me wrong here, I am not at all trying to suggest that there weren't earlier, bigger or better influences musically, but Kiss helped usher in the notion that the music didn't matter as long as there was a ridiculous display on stage to distract everyone's attention. What I am trying to say is that perhaps negative influence should be considered as well.


I get your meaning, PP. And it's a good point. In that case, judging by some of the dross we have had to face over the last decade or so, Kiss should be at the top of the list! :D

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I guess this is a poll of American music fans or something right? (Hank Williams! Never heard his stuff, but I'd put money on it not being the best album ever). I'm glad to see 'Kid A' in the top tier though. That's the actual best album ever, there's really no room for objectivity either, it's the best (actually, ok computer or the bends could also take that title).


Hmm, looking again, it seems there's no actual order of greatness, which is a bit of a cop out to say the least. Ignore my cynicism about Hank Williams, I guessh he has a claim to be on the list.


No Morrissey/Smiths, no Damon Albarn, Paul Weller, absolutely no House music at all, and I'm also quite fond of The Killers too. That list is garbage. I've just wasted 2 minutes of my life.

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