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Vibius Tiberius Costa

Why is everyone called what they are?

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For example i'm called Vibius Tiberius Costa because when I was small I always thought Tiberius was the coolest name and Vibius Costa is the name of someone (to do with my career). So i scrapped the gens rule and stuffed Tiberius in there.


Anyway I'm curious. Especially about names that make little sense. eg Viggen are you really naming yourself after a Saab, why? etc



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There 's already a thread on this somewhere, but I'm too lazy to link to it.


Ursus = Bear. My ancestors were apparently Bavarian peasants whose surname is actually German for bear. My present family are Pennsylvanian peasants who surname is the Anglosized version of the German for bear.


Since Romans often used animals as their third name, I thought it was appropriate enough. It and beer drinking are my only two nods to my mostly Germanic heritage (although the beer drinking doubles for my Irish side).

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