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Can You check my translation of a sentence?

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What do u think of "When there's no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth" rendered as "Repleto (or maybe impleto?) inferno mortui ambulabant super terram"?



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Salve! I tried to tranlate it, but then I thought I should only make a correction of your own, even though I haven't had anything to do with Latin for more than two years. ( I hope this is accurate):


Impleto infernis mortui ambulabunt super terram.


1. Why 'infernis'?

infernus, a, um - is an adjective.

You can find the noun only in plural : inferi, orum ( 2nd declension, masc.), or inferna, orum ( 2nd declension, neuter), and the case, like you said Ablative.


2.Why 'ambulabunt'?

This is the indicative future tense ( 3rd person plural). "ambulabant, on the other hand is the indicative imperfect tense ( 3rd person plural). For the future tense you have the verb ambulo, -are, -avi, -atum ->conjugation I; take the stem which is the infinitive form 'ambulare' without the 're' -> thus ambula + 'b' for the 1st person singular, 'bi' for the rest of them except the 3rd person plural, 'bu' for the 3rd person plural + present endings for each person ( o, s, t, mus, tis, nt).


Hope this helps. And if I am wrong, feel free to correct me! :)

Edited by Titus Maccius Plautus

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Amice illustrissime,


Thanks for your corrections. Infernus is used in the singular in mediaeval Latin, but the plural sounds more elegant. I also changed the past participle to the plural, so the final version goes "Impletis infernis mortui ambulabunt super terram."


I hope this will do.


Gratias ago, vale!

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