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Name my garden Roman

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Ah great to get to see that stone fellow :furious:

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My first post! And want to begin by saying how happy I was to find this forum and how much I've enjoyed lurking as a "guest" these past months. Totally not what I expected my first question to be to you learned historians, but today I purchased a concrete head! He was only $10, but I saw him instantly as being given a position in one of my sunken gardens - a Medieval chap I thought. But..the more I looked upon him, the more I saw a sour faced Roman Senator! I've dubbed him, "Gaius Gardinius" (I know-not Latin for garden, but I like it). Me thinks he needs a third name. Can you help me?


I can't think of a better question for a first post!


Welcome aboard Crispina. Enjoy your garden!






And this delightful Herb whose tender Green

Fledges the garden's Lip on which we lean----

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